mardi 20 novembre 2007

A new Europe in the Middle East

Newropeans press release ME 01/2007 - 20/11/2007

We do what they are not doing.
The lack - and the urgency - of a real European policy for the Middle East is quite evident, and underlined by every independent observer.

The US-led peace process has failed, and Europe needs to assume its role in its neighbourhoods, but today's EU doesn't react: that's why Newropeans already launches a series of meetings and initiatives in Israel and Palestine, starting with this week's first steps by Franck Biancheri, Newropeans' President.

The next generation of European leaders is already preparing the ground for a new, strong political presence of the European Union in the Middle East

On Tuesday, November 20th Biancheri met with Arab and Jewish students in Jerusalem, he took part at the opening of the “Crossing Borders Club” ( at the Hebrew University, he had long and intense discussions with Labour and Kadima MPs.

On Wednesday, he travels to Beer Shiva, and back in Tel Aviv he explains Newropeans' point of view on the Annapolis Peace Summit and its possible outcomes; on Thursday, he'll have several meetings in Ramallah, with members of the Palestinian Legislative Council namely; on Friday, again meetings, conferences, debates in Tel Aviv...

Biancheri's return to Europe is scheduled for Saturday morning, just one week ahead of an important Newropeans' Executive Committee meeting (followed by the Agora) in Madrid, where the party's next steps have to be decided.

Franck Biancheri, who 20 years ago founded Aegee (the first Europe-wide student's network) and saved the Erasmus program from a premature death, knows very well that the peaceful future of this region is in the hands of its young generations: that's why, during his trip, he gives a particular attention to students and their networks.

Newropeans ( is the first ever trans-European party without any national base, it's not left nor right, it is a completely new type of organization. It's a time-limited party: once the proposed reforms will be done and European union will become more democratic, the party will dissolve, leaving the new democratic arena to other competitors.


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